Posted by Gene: At times in life, we are presented with situations that confound us. Not because we don’t have knowledge. Not because we’re approaching the situation unintelligently. But because we’re wrapped up in emotion – whether we realize it or not. That’s the time when we need a true advisor—a guide— who can help us through the trappings of the emotional wilderness, and someone who will stand and protect us. John Barrett is such a person. John has done for me exactly what I have described above on several occasions and has always been successful. He possesses a calm strength, impeccable logic, and knows his way around the positive and negative aspects of human behavior. These qualities are, in my opinion, necessary when dealing with domestic disputes. John has shown me the way out of the void and I am ever so grateful. I would attribute this quote to John’s process: “Freedom lies in being bold.” –Robert F
Posted by a Prenuptials client: I needed a prenup quickly and John helped me with that. It was great to be able to have it handled so professionally. He is easy to talk to and after understanding my needs, he made sound recommendations for me. I am happy I found and used John for my case.
Posted by Lenny Mr. Barrett helped out with a legal documents during a family emergency. He was very quick with our request and his fee for service was unambiguous. Additionally, he took the time to explain the documents requested, their implications, and the duration and circumstances under which they'd be legally binding. We were left feeling very comfortable with our legal decision. We couldn't have asked for better service.
Posted by Jennifer Helpful Family Law Attorney: John was professional, knowledgeable, and reassuring at a very difficult time for me, and he helped me work out an amicable divorce keeping in mind the best interests of my young children. He also stays on top of the research and legal aspects of family law.
Posted by Chris John has been an advocate for my company since I have started it in 2007. Anytime I had questions or needed a letter sent he was very responsive and timely. I have always trusted John with my business representation . He helps keep track of certain documents that require a timely filing with the state and follows up with us to make sure everything is on track . I would suggest John for any business owners that depend on true representation in the field of law.
Posted by carol Highly Recommend Attorney Barrett has helped me with a few transactions; personal and real estate. I found his honesty, availability and integrity greatly suited me. I will always call Attorney Barrett for my legal needs and highly recommend him.
Posted by Marty: Great Experience Working with John has always been a pleasure. He is responsive, knowledgeable, and flexible. I have used him for family law matters, and would definitely recommend him.